Prima Foods Inc., headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, is the only major food importer in the Maryland area that directly imports and distributes international foods and specialty products from Greece, other European Countries, and the Middle East.

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Direct Food Importer

Specifically, we are direct importers of the highest quality Greek cheeses, feta cheese, Kalamata olives, olive oils, and many other specialty foods from Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Bulgaria, and Turkey.

Since we are direct importers and distributors of our international foods, Greek foods, Italian Foods, Eastern European Foods, and Middle Eastern Foods – we sell these products at affordable prices. Please contact us to have us deliver quality international foods at great prices to your business or to add your company’s products to our growing list of imported foods.


Prima Foods delivers its wholesale foods to businesses in Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia and Pennsylvania. With a flexible delivery schedule to meet each of our customers’ needs, Prima Foods delivers as promised. All products are delivered from our warehouse with the utmost care. Prima Foods goes to great lengths to ensure your products stay fresh. Our trucks are engineered with the latest technological enhancements to provide our customers with the best possible product every time.

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