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Prima Foods distributes wholesale beans and nuts to restaurants and pizza/sub shops.

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Products listed are subject to change without notice, please contact us for availability.

Dry Beans   back to Beans, Fruits & Nuts ›

Beans Chick Peas 25lb
Beans Great Northern 25lb
Beans Green Split 25lb
Beans Lentils 25lb
Beans Navy 25lb
Chick Peas Dry
Fava Beans Dry
Fava Beans Split Ex-Large
Gigantes Voion 400gm (12)
Voion Beans Medium 500gm
Voion Chick Peas 500gm
Voion Split Fava Yel 500g (12)

Other Beans   back to Beans, Fruits & Nuts ›

Black Beans #10
Cut Green Beans 6/#10
Dark Kidney Beans #10
Fr. Cut Gr Beans 12/2lb
Fr. Wh. Green Beans 12/2lb
Onassis Giant Beans 280gm
Onassis Giant Beans 2k
Onassis Green Beans 280gm

Fruits & Nuts   back to Beans, Fruits & Nuts ›

Almonds Assorted Per Lb
Almonds Chocolate Per Lb
Almonds Shelled Per Lb
Almonds Sliced Per Lb
Almonds Slivered Per lb
Almonds White Per Lb
Apricots X Jumbo Per Lb
Cashews R/S Per Lb
Cranberries Infused 5lb.
Dates Medjool Per Lb
Honey Maple Walnuts 3/32oz
Maraschino Cherries gl
Mixed Fruits Per Lb
Peanuts Wasabi Per Lb
Pignolia Nuts Spanish
Pistachio Nuts 12oz
Pumpkin Seeds R/S Lb Bag
Raisins Golden Per Lb
Squash Homestyle(R/S)
Sunflower Seed Whle 1lb Bg
Walnuts Cali Best (25lb) Cs
Walnuts Per Lb

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