Wholesale Gravy & Bases

Prima Foods carries has a large selection of wholesale gravy and bases for your restaurant, pizza shop or deli.

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Wholesale Gravy & Bases


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Gravy Country Trio 8/22oz
Gravy Leg. Brown 12
Gravy Leg. Chicken
Gravy Leg. Turkey 12
Gravy Master (Gl)
Gravy Trio Brown 8
Gravy Trio Chix 8
Gravy Trio Turkey 8
Honey 5#
Pancake Syrup Iw
Sausage Gravy Chefmate #10
Worcestershire Sauce

Bases      back to Gravy and Bases categories ›

Maggi Chicken Base 6/1lb
Minor’s Chicken Base 12/1lb
Minor’s Crab Base 6/1lb
Prima Beef Base 4lb
Prima Chicken Base 4lb
Prima Wet Beef Base 12/1lb
Prima Wet Chicken Base 12/1lb
Seafood Base 6/1lb

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