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Prima Foods carries different types of wholesale canned goods for your restaurant, pizza shop or deli including beans, cranberry sauce, dolmades, mushrooms, tomato paste and more.

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Products listed are subject to change without notice, please contact us for availability.

7/11 Sauce 6/10
74/40 Tomato Filets 6/10
Al Dente Pasta Sauce 6/10
Angela Mia Spag.Sauce
Apple Sauce #10
Artichoke Hearts 303
Artichoke Hearts 3k 30/40ct
Bienvenido Salsa 6/10
Black Beans #10
Black Whole Pitted Olives
Canned Tomatoes Special
Chopped Clams 12/51oz
Chick Peas #10
Cut Green Beans 6/#10
Clam Juice 12/46oz
Corn Beef Hash Chef Mate #10
Corn Whole #10
Dark Kidney Beans #10
Diced Potatoes 6/#10
Dolmades Prima 6/2 Kg
Don Pepino 303
Don Pepino Pizza Sauce #10
Eggplant Roasted #10
Full Red Pizza Sauce 6/10
Full Red Prepared Pizza Sauce 6/10
Full Red Tomato Pure
Ketchup 6/#10
Heinz Ketchup Squeeze Bottles 12/20oz
Hot Dog Chili Chefmate #10
Instant Mash Potatoes #10
Mushrooms Stems & Pieces 6/#10
Peppers Red Roasted 6/#10
Pineapple Tidbits #10
Pizzaiolo 6/10
Pomarola Signature Sce 6/10
Saporito Crushed Tomato 6/10
Saporito Pizza Sauce 6/10
Sauerkraut #10
Sausage Gravy Chefmate #10
Sliced Beets #10
Sliced Black Olives
Sliced Green Olives
Super Dolce Pizza Sauce 6/10
Tomato Sauce 6/#10
Tomato Paste Full Red #10
Tomatoes In Juice Valoroso
Trattoria Spaghetti Sauce #10
Whole Peeled Tomatoes Alta Cucina 6/10

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