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Prima Foods carries different types of wholesale including bay leaves, cajun, garlic, oregano, paprika and more.

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Allspice Ground 16oz
Allspice Whole 12oz
Anise Seed Whole 7oz
Basil 6oz
Basil Leaves 24oz
Bay Leaves 10oz
Bay Leaves 2.5oz
Cajun Season 6lb
Cajun Seasoning 24oz
Cayenne Pepper 5lb
Celery Seed Whole 1lb
Chili Powder 6lb
Chili Powder 16oz
Cinnamon Ground 16oz
Cinnamon Sticks 12oz
Cloves Ground 1lb
Cloves Whole 12oz
Cumin Ground 16oz
Curry Powder 1lb
Dill Weed 8oz
Fennel Seed Ground 16oz
Fennel Seed Whole 12oz
Garlic Granulated 23oz
Garlic Granulated Loose
Garlic Granulated 5lb
Garlic Powder 16oz
Garlic Powder 5lb
Garlic Salt 32oz
Ginger Ground 1lb
Italian Seasoning 5lb
Kosher Salt 12/3lb
Lemon Pepper 28oz
McCormick Caribbean Jerk Seasoning
McCormick Chili Seasoning Mix
McCormick Montreal Chicken Seasoning
McCormick Montreal Steak Seasoning
McCormick Salad Supreme
Mint Leaves 6oz
Msg 5lb
Mustard Powder 1lb
Nutmeg Ground 1lb
Old Bay Mcc 24oz
Old Bay Mcc 7.5lb
Onion Granulated 16oz
Onion Granulated 5lb
Onion Powder 5lb
Onion Powder 16oz
Onion Salt 32oz
Oregano ##### 4oz
Oregano 2.2lb (12)
Oregano Bunch
Paprika 18oz
Paprika 5lb
Parsley Flakes 12oz
Pepper Black Cracked
Pepper Black Ground 16oz
Pepper Black Ground 5lb
Pepper Black Loose
Pepper White 16oz
Pepper White 5lb
Pepper Whole Black
Pickling Spice 14oz
Pickling Spice 4lb

Red Crushed Pepper 12oz
Red Crushed Pepper 4lb
Rosemary Leaves 8oz
Sage 8oz
Salt 25#
Salt 50#
Salt Rounds 24/26oz
Sea Salt 250gm
Sea Salt 750gm
Sea Salt 400gm
Season All Salt 35oz
Sesame Seeds
Sesame Seeds Unhulled
Sugar 50lb
Tarragon Leaves 4oz
Thyme Leaves 2lb
Thyme Leaves 8oz
Vanilla Imitation QT
Yellow Color Qt

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Order Today!

Call Prima Foods at (410) 633‑5500 or (800) 296‑7894.

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