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Prima Foods carries different types of cheeses and dairy products – including the best Greek feta cheese.

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Asiago lb
Blue Cheese lb
Blue Cheese Crumbles 4/5lb
Ched Cheese Sauce #10
Cheddar Mild Yellow Sliced 6/24oz
Cheddar White 40lb
Cheese Grated
Cream Cheese 3lb
Exarhos Graviera
Exarhos Prima Feta 13kg Can
Exarhos Feta Lb
Exarhos Feta 4.5lb
Exarhos Feta 2lb
Exarhos Kaseri
Exarhos Kaseri Loaf
Exarhos Kefalograviera
Exarhos Kefalotiri
Feta Greek Barrel
Feta Blue Label Domestic 5gl
Feta Bulgarian 1k
Feta Bulgarian 7 Kilo
Feta Olympiada 13 Kilo
Feta Domestic Prima 8lb.
Feta Vacuum Pack Domestic 33# Avg
Finlandia Swiss
Goat Cheese 10.50z
Gouda Red
Grated Cheese 5lb
Haloumi Alambra
Heavy Cream 40% 12/1qt
Hotos Feta Can
Kefalograviera Vlaha
Kefalograviera Vlaha 1k Round
Ladotyri Lb
Mozz Fresh 4oz 3lb
Mozz Krohn P/S
Mozz Krohn W/M
Mozzarella W/M Prima
Parmesan Reggiano lb
Pepper Cheese 5lb
Pizza Cheese 5lb
Provolone Imported
Provolone Sliced 8/1.25#
Provoloni Krohn
Provoloni Prima
Psistiri Hard Cheese Sparta
Reggianito Arg. Cello 2/15 Lb
Ricotta Galbani 6/3lb
Romano Wheel 58lb Avg
Saganaki Metsovo Loaf
Sharp Cheese Cooper 5lb
Shaved Parmesan 5lb Bag
Shred # Uno Wm/Prov 6/5lb
Shred Cheddar Cheese 6/5lb
Shred Mont Jack/Chdr 5lb
Shred Parmesan 4/5lb
Shred Pizza Cheese GL 50/50 4/5lb
Shred Pizza Cheese Ricomia 4/5lb
Sorrento (Galbani) Shred Mozz 6/5lb
Swiss Sliced 8/1.25lb
White Bulk American 6/5lb
White Slice American 120 5lb
Yellow Sliced 120 5lb
Yellow Sliced 160 5lb


Butter Solid Salted (36)
Butter Sweet 1# (36)
Sheep’s Butter

Eggs Lg Grade A 15dz

Sour Cream
Sour Cream 10lb

Yogurt Greek Prima 11lb
Yogurt 35lb Tub

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Call Prima Foods at (410) 633‑5500 or (800) 296‑7894.

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