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Prima Foods stocks specialty coffees, Greek coffees, teas, beverages, and juices – you have to try our imported Amita peach juices. They are delicious!!!
Our wholesale coffee and tea items include teas such as Lipton, Mountain Peppermint, chamomile and coffee brands as Nescafe, Venizelos, Najjar, and La Touraine. We stock Pineapple, Tomato, V8, Orange, and Amita juices.

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Coffee   back to Coffee, Tea & Beverages categories ›

Bravo Coffee 1lb
Bravo Coffee 8oz
Fresh Ground Coffee
Laikos Kafes 500gm
Maatouk Coffee
Nescafe 200gm
Nescafe 100gm
Nescafe Decaf 100gm
Nescafe Decaf 200gr
Papagalos Coffee 12/1lb
Papagalos Coffee 24/8oz
Papagalos Dark 200gm
Venizelos Coffee

Tea   back to Coffee, Tea & Beverages categories ›

Lipton Ice Tea Bags 4/24/1oz
Lipton Ice Tea Mix 24-12oz
Mountain Tea 50gr
Mountain Tea Bio 56gm

Beverages   back to Coffee, Tea & Beverages categories ›

Amita Apricot 1lt
Amita Motion .33lt
Amita Motion 1lt
Amita Orange/Apple/Apricot 1lt
Amita Peach .25lt
Amita Peach 1lt
Amita Sour Cherry .25l
Amita Sour Cherry 1ltr
Ind. Apple Juice 48/6oz
Ind. Grapefruit Juice 48/5.5oz
Ind. Orange Juice 48/5.5oz
Ind. Ocean Spray Cranberry 5.5oz
Ind. Pineapple Juice 48/6oz
Ind. Tomato Juice 48/5.5oz
Ind. V8 Juice 48/5.5oz
Laikos Kafes 500gm
Lemon Dominade 12/21oz
Lemon Juice 32oz
Loux Cherry Drink 330ml
Loux Lemon 330ml
Loux Orange Drink 330ml
Real Lemon Juice 8/48oz
Souroti Water
Tomatoe Juice Sac 12/5
V8 Juice 12/5

back to Coffee, Tea & Beverages categories ›

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Call Prima Foods at (410) 633‑5500 or (800) 296‑7894.

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