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Prima Foods provides wholesale restaurant supplies and wholesale dry goods to all of our customers.

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7″ Lids 500ct
7″ Pans 500ct
9″ Lids Dome 500ct
9″ Pans Alum 500ct
9oz Cups
9oz Lids
Brown #57 Bags 1/6 500ct
Brown 10 Lb. Bags 500ct
Brown 12 Lb. Bags 500ct
Brown 16 Lb. Bags 500ct
Brown 20 Lb. Bags 500ct
Brown 25 Lb. Bags 500ct
Brown 2lb. Bags 500ct
Brown 4lb. Bags 500ct
Brown 6/Pack Shorty 400ct
Brown 6lb. Bags 500ct
Brown 8lb. Bags 500ct
Catering Lids 12″
Catering Lids 16″
Catering Lids 18″
Catering Tray 12″
Catering Tray 16”
Catering Tray 18″
Circles 10″
Circles 12″
Circles 14″
Circles 16″
Circles 18″
Coffee Stirrers
Cup 16oz Clear
Cup 20oz Clear
Cup 32oz Clear
Cups Soup 12oz Combo 250 Ct
Cups Soup 16oz Combo 250 Ct
Cups Soup 8oz Combo 250 Ct
Cushion Wrap 2/500 14×16
Cutlery Kits
Deli Cup 16oz Cup 10/50ct Pro-Kal
Deli Cups 32oz Pro-Kal Pk32tc
Deli Cups 8oz 10/50c Pro-Kal
Deli Cup Lids
Deli Paper 10”, 12”, 15”
Dinner 2-Ply Napkins
Film Roll 12”
Film Roll18”
Filters Shortening 50ct
Foil 12”
Foil 18″
Foil Sheets
Forks Heavy Duty
French Fry Bags
Frill Club Pick
Gloves Vinyl XL
Gloves Vinyl Large
Gloves Vinyl MedIum
Guest Checks
Guest Checks Pizza
Knives Heavy Duty
Lid 16oz
Lid 20oz
Lid 32oz
Lids Aluminum 1/2 Size
Lids Aluminum Full Size
Masking Tape 3/4″ (9)
Napkins Cocktail 4m
Napkins Dinner
Napkins Dispenser
Newsprint 15×20
Newsprint 18×24
Pan Liners 16×24 1000/Ct
Pans Half Size
Pans Full Size
Paper Plate 9″ 12/100ct
Patty Paper 51/2” X 5/1/2”
Pizza Box 9” Clay
Pizza Box 10” Clay
Pizza Box 10” Corrugated
Pizza Box 12” Corrugated
Pizza Box 14” Corrugated
Pizza Box 16” Corrugated
Pizza Box 18” Corrugated
Pizza Box 20” Corrugated
Pizza Box 24” Corrugated
Pizza Saver Lid Support
Poly Bags 6x3x15
Poly Bags 8x4x18
Sandwich Bag Dry Wax
Souffle 2oz Cups
Souffle 2oz Lids
Souffle 4oz Cups
Souflle 4oz Lids
Soup Cups and Lids
Spoons Teaspoon
Spoons Soup Spoon
Straw Jumbo Wrapped 500ct
T Shirt Bags
Toilet Tissue
Tooth Picks
Towel Brown Roll 6/800ct
Towel Brown Singlefold
Towel White Roll
Tray 4cup Holder 300 Ct
Tray 6×6 Clear
Tray 6×6 Plastic
Tray 6×6 Mfhl6631cw 300ct
Tray 8×8 Clear
Tray 8×8 Plastic
Tray 9×6 Plastic
Tray 9×9 Plastic
Tray 9×9 3 Section Plastic
Trays Sugar Cane 6×6
Trays Sugar Cane 8×8
Trays Sugar Cane 9×6
Trays Sugar Cane 9×9 3 Section
Trays Sugar Cane 9×9
White 10 Lb. Bg 500ct
White 12 Lb. Bags 500ct
White 16 Lb. Bags 500ct
White 20 Lb. Bags 500ct
White 4Lb. Bags 500ct
White 5Lb Bags 500ct
White 6Lb. Bags 500ct
White 8 Lb. Bags 500ct
White Sub Bags 4x2x14
Wooden Skewers 6”
Wooden Skewers 8”
Wooden Skewers 10”

Janitorial   back to Restaurant Supplies categories ›

Bleach 6/1gl
Brillo Pads
Green Hand Soap Brkthru
Green Scour Pads 20ct
Grill Bricks 12pk
Grill Screens 8pc
Mop Handle Quick 63″
Mophead 32oz
Oven & Grill Cleaner
Pink Dish Soap
Sanitizing Tablets 6/150
Soap Beads Pink Epic 25lb
Spic And Span W Bleach 45/2.2 Oz
Stainless Steel Sponges (6)
Stainless Steel Cleaner Aerosol
Trash Liner 33gl 100ct
Trash Liner 55gl 100ct

Smallwares   back to Restaurant Supplies categories ›

Bread Basket Red
Can Opener
Cheese Shaker Plastic Silver Lid 6oz
Clear Squeeze Bottle
Grill Scraper 3″
Grill Scraper Blades
Grill Scraper W/Handle
Grill Screen Holders
Pastry Brush Wide
Pizza Cutter 4″ Sani-Safe
Pans Pizza 10″
Pans Pizza 12″
Pans Pizza 14″
Pans Pizza 16″
Pans Pizza 18″
Pizza Screen 9″
Pizza Screen 10″
Pizza Screen 12″
Pizza Screen 14″
Pizza Screen 16″
Pizza Screen 18″
Pizza Screen 20″
Red Squeeze Bottle
Salt Or Pepper Shaker
Shaker Aluminum 10oz S&P
Shaker Cheese Yellow Lid
Shaker Plastic S&P Tan Lid
Spatula 16″ White Plastic
Sugar Dispenser 12oz
Thermometer Deep Fryer
Thermometer For Meat
Thermometer Oven
Thermometer Pocket
Thermometer Ref/Frez
Tomato Corer
Tongs Spring LoadED 16″
Tongs Spring Loaded 12″
Turner Perforated 8×3
Turner Solid 8×3
Vegetable Peeler
Whip French 12″
Whip French 16″
Yellow Squeeze Bottle

back to Restaurant Supplies categories ›

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