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Broccoli Florets 12/2lb
Broccoli Spears 12/2lb
Frozen Baby Limas 12/40oz
Frozen Brussel Sprouts 12/2lb
Frozen Chop Broccoli 20lb
Frozen Chop spinach 12/3lb
Frozen Cut Corn 12/ 2.5lb
Frozen Cut Green Beans 12/2lb
Frozen Leaf Spinach 12/3lb
Frozen Mix Vegetables 12/40oz
Frozen Molokhian Chop 400g (20)
Frozen Okra Mika 140oz (20)
Frozen Peas 12/2.5lb
Frozen Peas/Carrots 12/2.5lb
Frozen Whole Green Beans 12/2lb
Mashed Potatoes Lamb 6/4lb

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Fries 3/8″ Lamb Crispy Skin/On 30lb
Fries Colossal Crisp 3/8 30lb
Fries Lamb Sup. Steak Cut 6/5lb
Fries Loops Redstone 6/4#
Fries Prime Reserve 6/5lb
Fries Private 3/8 6/5lb
Fries Private Reserve 1/2″ 6/5lb
Fries Regal 3/8″ 6/5lb
Fries Russett 1/2 Krinkle Cut 6/5lb
Fries Seashore Skin On 6/5lb
Fries Season Crisscuts D23 27lb
Fries Seasoned 3/8 6/5lb
Fries Stealth 3/8 6/5lb
Fries Stealth 3/8″ Skin On 6/5lb
Fries Stealth 5/16″ S12 6/5lb
Fries Stealth 7/16″ 6/5lb
Fries Sweet Crisscut 5/3lb
Fries Sweet Platter 5/3#
Fries Sweet Pot Van/Sug 5/3#
Fries Sweet Trim 5/3#
Fries Wedge Seasoned 6/5lb
Potato Chips Lw 6/5lb
Tater Tots 6/5lb

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