Wholesale Food Distributor

Prima Foods Inc., headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, is a full service wholesale food distributor to restaurants, carry outs, delis, caterers, grocery stores, and churches.

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Wholesale Food Distributor

Prima Foods supplies food, non-food items, and specialty imported products to over 200 customers in Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Please contact us to have your business added to our delivery route.

Prima Foods is the only major wholesale food distributor in the Maryland area to supply wholesale specialty foods that is directly imported from Greece, other European countries, and the Middle East.

In addition to carrying a number of national brand food products, Prima Foods distributes its own line of quality Prima Foods label products with a high degree of market recognition. Established more than a decade ago, Prima Foods label products are known throughout the area for excellent quality and great prices.


Prima Foods delivers its wholesale foods to businesses in Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. With a flexible delivery schedule to meet each of our customers’ needs, Prima Foods delivers as promised. All products are delivered from our warehouse with the utmost care. Prima Foods goes to great lengths to ensure your products stay fresh. Our trucks are engineered with the latest technological enhancements to provide our customers with the best possible product every time.

Cash and Carry

Prima Foods also provides cash and carry services. You may pick up any products directly from our warehouse.

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