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Prima Foods carries various portion control products for your restaurant, pizza shop or deli including butter cups, dressing, ketchup, mayo, sugar and more.

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Products listed are subject to change without notice, please contact us for availability.

1000 Island Kens 60/1.5oz
Balsamic Vinaigrette 60/1.5oz
Butter Cups 8lb. 720ct
BBQ Sweet Baby Rays 100/1.25oz
Blue Cheese 60/1.5
Blue Cheese Cup 100/1.5z
Caesar 60/1.5oz
Cocktail Sauce 100/.75oz
Creamy Italian 60/1.5oz
Dijon Hon. Must. 60/1.5oz
Equal 2m
Fat Free Ranch 60/1.5oz
French 60/1.5z
Golden Ital 60/1.5z
Grape Jelly Smuckers 200/.5 Oz
Grated Cheese 200/3.5gm
Greek Dressing 60/1.5
Honey Mustard Cups 100\1.5z
Hot Sauce 200/7gr
Ketchup 1000/9g
Lite Italian 60/1.5oz
Mayo Heinz 200/12gm
Mustard French’s 500/7gm
Parm. Pepercorn 1.5oz
Pepper 3m
Ranch 60/1.5oz
Ranch Cups 100/1.5oz
Red Crushed Pepper 200-1g
Salt 3m
Seafood Sauce 200/12g
Sugar Packets 2m
Syrup Smuckers 100/1.4oz
Splenda Sweetener 2m
Sweet N Low 2m
Tartar Sauce 100/1.5 Oz

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